How to Train Your Dragon vs. Kung Fu Panda



I think Dreamworks has finally figured out how to make good animated movies consistently. That said, while I really like both of these, the exquisite action scenes in Kung Fu Panda tips the scale.

The exquisite action scenes in Kung Fu Panda? We must've been watching different movies because the one with exquisite action scenes is How to Train Your Dragon. Whether you're watching it in 3D or watching a pirated copy in terrible quality, its action scenes don't fail to dazzle. And it actually has some of the heart and humor that Pixar always has in spades. Can't say the same about Kung Fu Panda. I might've smirked a time or two, but never laughed.

I like the story of How to Train your Dragon better but I found Kung Fu Panda to be much more hilarious. I am excited about Kung Fu Panda 2, I don't know if I could say the same about a future Dragon sequel.

I always thought that Dreamworks seemed more interested at telling jokes than telling a good story. While Kung Fu Panda is a good film, How to Train Your Dragon finally seperated itself from the usual pop cultural refernces that usually haunt Dreamwork's films.

I liked Kung Fu Panda and I laughed a lot but I loved How to Train Your Dragon. I've watched that movie so many times that I had to replace my DVD. HTYD had the voice of Jay Baruchel who I love. I think he is a fantastic actor and I love his voice. Obviously there was Craig Ferguson, Gerard Butler, America Ferrera and Jonah Hill, and they were all great too for the most part, but what really made the movie great was Jay Baruchel. His sort of semi-sarcastic toned comedy is the exactly what I subscribe to. The flight scenes and everything else in this movie was gorgeous and you could really feel the edge of your seat tension with the close calls experienced in this movie. Also, they didn't spend so much time with the flying lesson to where it began to get annoying the pacing was fantastic. Kung Fu Panda had similar great points the story line wasn't completely cliche and it was childish enough for kids to like it and a good laugh for adults too. Not as beautifully done as HTYD but still very well done. My only problem was that I had no clue who was doing the voice acting besides Jack Black it was so hidden in a way but that may potentially be a good thing since you don't sit and listen to try and pick out whose voice you can hear or stereotype the characters with the person's personality.

I think both are good quality family films, but How to Train Your Dragon has a slighter edge over Kung Fu Panda because the relationship between Hiccup and Toothless is kept front and center which gives added weight to its action scenes. Kung Fu Panda has plenty of good action too, but there is a real sense of danger in How to Train Your Dragon that Kung Fu Panda sometimes lacked. I also felt that telling the story in How to Train Your Dragon is the primary focus whereas Kung Fu Panda seems to serve more as a vehicle for Jack Black and other stars. This ruined the misguided Shark Tale a few years prior to Panda's release, so the film's biggest triumph is that it told a good story without compromising its star power. How to Train Your Dragon is simply a good story well told and that's all I need in an animated movie.

Dragon was a fantastic story. Kung Fu Panda was fun, but seemed like a bit more fluff. I actually enjoyed the sequel more. Dragon wins this one.

I actually greatly agree with JRyneChattanooga (very well said) it was the relationship between Hiccup and Toothless that really sent HTTYD over the edge. It was because you were watching them grow to care for and trust each other that you did feel the edge of your seat tension. They grew together like a boy and his dog or horse learning from each other and eventually loving one another and it was always at the forefront of the movie driving the action along not the other way around.

Not a Dreamworks fan at all. How To Train Your Dragon was OK, and Kung Fu Panda is a little more than that.

The movie that surprised me by being the first DreamWorks film that was actually good or the first modern 3d movie I fell in love with. The one I was happy to see twice at a drive in or the one I needed to own after I saw it and topped my best of the year list. Both were great, but my vote definitely goes to How to Train Your Dragon.

definatly suprized by how to train your dragon but i really did connect more with kung fu panda i will say didnt like the second as much.

Two of Dreamworks best right here. It is close, but I think I'll go with How to Train Your Dragon.

I enjoyed both, but HtTYD has the edge here for being the more surprising film.

Hiccup's a bit of a faggot, to be fair.

The two best Dreamworks! I love both of these to bits, but I have to go with HTTYD. Kung Fu Panda is funnier, but Dragon is far more awesome!

Kung Fu Panda is awesome and has a little satire aspect in that movie.

Dreamworks is great in animation hope they keep making gems I laughed more during PANDA but DRAGON had more going for it'.

IMO dragon> Panda. the actionscenes in Panda may be great, but the moral is a bit cliche compared to dragon.

I honestly liked KFP more. I know that's not popular opinion, but...

I love both these movies, but I'm going to have to go with KFP. HTTYD might have been a bigger influence on me personally, but Po's adventures are far more entertaining.

HTTYD tries to be serious, but fails because it can't go all the way. Kung Fu Panda can and does go all the way. And that is what makes it the better movie.

Really liked both. I liked Dragon more


Loved "Kung Fu Panda" more when I was younger and while it still REALLY holds up to it's story, colorful animation, and martial arts themes, ultimately the greater heart and characterization of "How to Train Your Dragon" gives it the edge.

Kung fu panda of course

httyd, tho not as action packed, was one of the most heartwarming movies ever made. Kung fu panda is better if u just want a chill, slapstick movie. Httyd is better if you want to see a true masterpiece