Stargate SG-1: Children of the Gods vs. Stargate Atlantis: Rising



As a pilot, Children of the Gods was quite good, and delivered great promise on improving on the original theatrical movie, but by the time Atlantis came along, Stargate was a well-oiled machine. Rising wins.

Then Universe appears to shit all over the fans, shit all over the legacy and shit all over mankind. Shaky cam, soap opera crap. Whores.

Ooh. Haven't actually seen any of Universe yet. That might be the most scathing review of it I've seen yet...

I liked Universe. A lot. If it hadn't been cut down after only two seasons, it could've been well on its way to being my favorite Stargate series.

They really need to bring these shows back and continue the story. No reboots or recast but add to the cannon. GREAT series both... all-time classics!