The Rescuers vs. The Rescuers Down Under



oh hohohoho. two generally unknown disney classics. I've seen both, but i can't really remember much of either. More the sequel... so that one.

Most people I know seem to prefer the sequel, and it does feature my favorite scene from either movie ... Bernard's first attempt to propose to Miss Bianca. But otherwise the original is the one that touches my heart; I find it doesn't try as hard and is all the more charming for it.

Both are quite good, but I strongly prefer the original. For me, it is superior in pretty much every respect. Even the slightly rougher animation gives the film a charming, stylized quality the sleek sequel lacks.

There is nothing about the original that wasn't bettered in its sequel. The original was released during Disney's dry-spell of the 70's/80's while the sequel is a part of the Disney Renaissance of the 90's. Superior animation (you can have the rougher animation of the original, I'd rather watch Cody and Marahute's flight sequence!), superb set-pieces which are far more thrilling, a mysterious outback setting, better characters (Joanna, Jake...) and John Candy's albatross is a lot more entertaining than Jim Jordan's dull one. The Rescuers Down Under is the clear winner.

Rescuers Down Under is far better. Rescuers Down Under has much more excitement and Percival C McLeach who is a far better and more amazing villain than that boring Medusa from The Rescuers. Rescuers Down Under is the total winner here,

rewster hit this one right on the head. Of course, I have strong nostalgia for Down Under, which I probably watched half a dozen times back in the day before I ever watched The Rescuers. As such, the original probably felt something like a lackluster sequel to me. Anyway, The Rescuers Down Under is one of my all-time favorite traditionally animated Disney movies...though, that's admittedly kind of a long list.

I used to watch The Rescuers Down Under a few times as a kid, and I made the VHS tape play backwards. It sounds funny, so I have to go with The Rescuers, better than the sequel one.

Rescuers Down is million times better than that horrible and boring original. The original is among the worst disney movies ever. Cody's flying on Marahute is so awesome. Percival C. McLeach is way cooler than Medusa. The original sucks like hell.