Diamonds Are Forever vs. Thunderball



There are a lot of things I like about both of these, but I also have some sizable qualms with both. At this moment, I favor DAF for Mr Kidd & Mr Wint - two of the coolest cats in the 007 canon.

From what I've seen so far, Diamonds are Forever is easily the absolute worst James Bond movie. The cast is terrible. I mean sure, Sean Connery is back, but he looks bored and really out of shape. And yes, the Bondgirls are hot, but they can't act at all. Diamonds are Forever is a painfully campy James Bond movie. Thunderball is a little forgetable and too long, but is a lot more enjoyable and less painful to sit through than DaF.

...I take that back. The Man with the Golden Gun is actually the worst, but can at least be enjoyed for its badness, unlike Diamonds are Forever.

Connery's best vs his worst in my opinion. Thunderball wins, but Diamonds Are Forever is enjoyable despite the camp.

Two "middle of the road" Bond movies for me. Diamonds Are Forever for me!