Diamonds Are Forever vs. The Spy Who Loved Me



"Diamonds" was in a lot of ways the first Roger Moore Bond movie...but without Roger Moore. It has its moments, but it's ultimately disappointing. "Spy" might be a remake of "You Only Live Twice," but it's much more than that: It reaches a height not seen since "Goldfinger" and not seen again until "GoldenEye."

The worst of Connery against the best of Moore. Should've been a harder choice.

I don't particularly like DAF, but I recall absolutely hating TSWLM. There seems to be a lot of love for TSWLM on Flickchart--maybe I'll need to go back and re-watch. But for now, even the absurdity of DAF wins over a submarine car and a guy with metal teeth.

You speak of submarine cars and guys with metal teeth as though they are indisputably a bad thing. I like Diamonds Are Forever, though, as it turned out, not as much as I remembered liking it. Pretty much Jill St. John (bikini at the end) was the reason I found it memorable in the first place. It's just too silly sometimes. The Spy Who Loved Me has held up as my favorite Bond film. If only if Caroline Munro had more screen time...

Ugh, Diamonds Are Forever is tough to watch. You can tell that everyone involved with the making of that film was just going through the motions. You can at least see some effort in The Spy Who Loved Me.

Connery's worst (I haven't seen Never Say Never Again though) vs. Roger Moore's best.

The Spy Who Loved Me gets the win, but it's closer than you think.

That's true, JC13. Diamonds Are Forever actually plays pretty well on repeat viewings. I still put it slightly behind The Spy Who Loved Me, though.

Personally, Diamonds is one of my least favorite Bond movies, so Moore beats Connery here (never thought I would say that)

Sean Connery was the greatest Bond of them all (this is as objectively true as the statement "Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark"). But Diamonds is the weakest of his reign; Connery seems to sleepwalk through the scenes. TSWLM is the best by Moore, and one of the better Bonds in the canon.

the spy who loved me