Dead Poets Society vs. Good Will Hunting



Aren't they the same film?

I will take Robin Williams leading my know-it-all white people rather than supporting them, thank you very much.

i gotta go with the Van Sant flick. Robin Williams' two best roles

Almost the same, just different accents.

Preferring seeing Damon and Alleck.

Good Will Hunting is a much better film as a whole. And don't forget about One Hour Photo for one of Williams' best roles

First of all, both great great films, but in terms of the storytelling and the subtlety it's told, I will always go with Dead Poet's Society. Good Will Hunting relies a lot on stoic dialogue and Danny Elfman's score to put forward it's emotions, while Dead Poet's is all in the character interaction and superior script. Dead Poet's wins, but not by much.

dead poets all the way. love both films but dead poets society is one of my favourite ever films

Sorry, Dead Poets. I'm giving it to Will.

DPS is my favourite movie of all time.

2 of Robin Williams Best films. I go with Good Will Hunting.

TWo of Robin's best dramatic roles and yes Dead Poets is deep and heartfelt but Good Will Hunting had the better story and script and the cast is special!


My two favorite Robin Williams films. Good Will Hunting is the better of the two. Both are incredible.

Both great comig-of-age movies both starring Robin Williams as someone who guides the protagonist in life. Both are great dramatic roles but the one with most passion and effort put into it was in GWH. His performance is still vivid in my mind and that's how I remember him by.

It's hard to choose, but I'm going to go with Good Will Hunting because of Robin Williams monologue in the park.

Both starring a master (RIP). Both 'coming-of-age' films. Both top 100. He's died, but, that's all: carpe diem.

how can i even choose

I'll go GWH, but this is just incredibly difficult...

A choice like this will be close for most people because both films are sheer quality and exemplify the type of character Robin Williams masterfully epitomized, however for me personally Dead Poets Society made a stronger impression for its brave nonconformism (though Matt Damon in his breakout performance is nothing to sneeze at.)

Good Will Hunting feels like the better film here. Robin Williams plays a great role in both films, but the gritty Boston feel from Ben Affleck and Matt Damon gives Good Will more charm.

Dead Poets Society easily.