Jurassic World vs. Guardians of the Galaxy



Very hard decision to make.

Chris Pratt rules the universe! GOTG is simply the more fun film.

I definitely prefer Jurassic World.

Both are a bundle of fun, but when it comes down to it, Guardians is a movie with far more aggravating characters, the overly unnatural atmosphere that every Marvel film has for me, and a lack of a certain awe and inspiring atmosphere that the Jurassic world/universe has.

The hell is happening here.

Both are a lot of fun, but Guardians has the advantage of not being a sequel.

They're dinosaurs, wow enough.

Guardians has fun, Jurassic World has nothing. Both behind The Lego Movie, but Guardians is definitely better than Jurassic World. I probably turned off my brain on Guardians, not on Jurassic World.

Easy win for Guardians. A better movie in almost every regard.

Guardians without a second thought....

Guardians managed to capture a little bit of the fun of the original star wars. Jurassic World completely failed to do the same with Jurassic Park. Plus: Star-Lord > Whoever Chris Pratt played in JW, who was by far the best character.

They were both terrible, nothing more to say.