The Game vs. Se7en



on 10/22/2009

Fun with Fincher! Easy victor though. I'll give you a hint: it rhymes with Jeven.

on 12/15/2009

The Game kept you guessing until the credits. Seven was a good take on detective stories, but others have done better.

on 1/31/2010


on 8/3/2010

Very hard to decide this one.


on 8/3/2010

Seven was less contrived.

on 8/15/2010

BOTH films were very contrived, but yes, Seven was less so. I was so bored with The Game, because it relies on you actually caring about "whether it's all just a game or not" so entirely that NOTHING interesting outside of that lame twist-or-no-twist coin toss. Plus, Michael Douglas played a douchebag I couldn't care less about, so why would I care if his life is in danger or not?

on 10/13/2010

One should never be forced to choose between two Finchers. Never.

on 3/26/2012

Se7en was so much better. I mean The Game is suspensful and interesting, but the ending kind of ruined it. Se7en's ending on the other hand, was perfectly put together.

on 5/7/2012


on 7/1/2012


on 9/9/2012

So I just watched 'The Game'...ugh. What a fuckin' shame. It's well directed as usual by Fincher, Douglas gives a great performance...but the ending. Dear lord, THE ENDING. It has been a while since I've seen a movie with an ending that just slaps you in the face and then laughs about it. Not only does the ending make no damn sense in comparison to the rest of the movie, it is so stupid, so unbelievably contrived and raises so many 'what-if''-questions that it's fuckin' impossible. The ending is impossible, I said it. Without the ending, I would've rated the movie an 8/10 or something, but WITH the ending, I rank the movie a 5/10. I really hate that ending.

on 9/9/2012

Se7en. Too easy.

on 9/9/2012

@ Mystic: That kinda is the point of the ending dude. You're supposed to feel Nicholas' frustration.

on 9/9/2012

Maybe, but there are plenty of ways to do that better. I think it would've been better if Nicholas really killed himself. Now we have a depressing movie with an awkward, forced and bullshit happy ending. I mean: his father is still dead!

on 5/3/2013

I've gotta go with Se7en

on 5/3/2013

Se7en....but I got plenty of love for The Game...

on 5/3/2013

The Game is an amazing film with a shit ending, whereas Se7en is an amazing film with an amazing ending. Easy choice.

on 11/16/2013

I agree, Se7en is by far the winner. The Game was a very good film with a bit of a meh ending, but Se7en on the other hand was a really superb film with a ending that shocks you.

on 9/6/2014

Se7en is the better Fincher film. It's fantastic from start to finish. I just loved how dark and mysterious the whole movie was. I liked The Game too but I agree with those that say the ending was disappointing. But it is still a good film and I really liked Michael Douglas' performance. If I understood the ending more I would have it higher on my chart.

on 5/28/2019

As others have already pointed out, The Game's ending is... not very good. I only saw the film once but I assume it has next to no replay value because the (scary) music really doesn't fit anymore and some "plans" they made are just wayyyy too unrealistic to be believable. I mean seriously, how did they know he was gonna be able to swim out of the water before drowning in that one scene? How did they know he was not gonna jump off the OTHER side of the roof (because then he would have been dead) in the end? I still enjoyed The Game for what it was and Michael Douglas was great in it. I don't think I need to explain why Se7en is the clear winner.