Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves vs. Robin Hood



OK, so the new Hood movie is an improvement... but oh so barely. These movies are both steaming piles of shit, PRINCE OF THIEVES is just a bigger heap.

No improvement whatsoever. Prince of Thieves is a damned good time. Crowe has Costner beat all to hell, but every other aspect of Prince of Thieves is just more fun. (Scott's Robin Hood just takes itself way too seriously.) I kinda liked the movie, but man, I don't even prefer Cate Blanchett as Maid Marion. That was somewhat surprising.

johnmason, I have to agree with you. I was shocked that Robin Hood was so blah. I really expected something great, at least better than Prince of Thieves. But, alas, Prince of Thieves is more fun.

I was hoping for something closer to Gladiator when Robin Hood came out. There were some great scenes and the soundtrack and cinematography are really impressive but it could have been better. I'm not really a fan of Prince of Thieves though so I'll still rate the new one higher.

While both weren't perfect, I have to say that I thought both are two hours well spent. Don't understand the hatred for either effort.

Cate Blanchett sucked and sucks. Prince of Thieves is a damn good time, indeedly doodly.

Prince of Thieves was exciting and more entertaining, Robin Hood (2010) just bored me to death. too melodramatic.

Prince of Thieves did it better.

Prince of Thieves was more entertaining and I liked the story more. The new one was a bit of a bore.