The Grey vs. Unknown



Two forgettable, yet entertaining enough Neeson films. Neither is better or worse than the other. Both will float around the bottom third of my list, I care not in which order.

I LOVED The Grey. Sitting at number 6 all time for me.

I like where he fights wolves more than where people forget who he is.

LOVE The Grey. One of Neeson's best IMO. A movie that was totally marketed incorrectly.

Two forgettable AND awful films. I like Liam Neeson but advertising these waste of film movies as adventure films like "Taken" may have led to the terrible disappointment most felt after watching them.

I came into both of these movies thinking I knew what I was getting. Taken but with memory loss *correct* Taken where he fights wolves *wrong.* I completely though Grey was going to be a shallow, nonsense film and was so happily surprised when it wasn't.

Plot of Unknown is intriguing, I liked it a lot. The Grey was okay but remember these films are not Taken.

Neeson is great but The Grey is by far superior. Very underrated film by Neeson whereas Unknown was pretty much forgettable.