Rio Bravo vs. The Magnificent Seven



Very close between two great westerns here. When in doubt, go with the Duke.

Changed my mind. Magnificent Seven wins.

Two classic westerns. I go for Magnificent Seven

The Magnificent seven is a cheap remake of Seven samurai and only mediocre. Rio Bravo is a masterpiece and underrated.

Rio Bravo is good, but The Magnificent Seven is one of the most watchable westerns ever. No contest...

Unlike the Magnificent Seven, the characters in Rio Bravo are developed so well and all of them have their own distinct personalities. Rio Bravo also knows how to balance plot development with remarkably shot action scenes, while Magnificent Seven is just an above average entertaining remake of one of the best movies of all time. Rio Bravo is definitely the better movie.

Rio Bravo is light years better.

The Magnificent 7 may be the funnest Western ever made, despite this I find Rio Bravo more rewatchable somehow. If that doesn't speak to its quality I don't know what does.