Mad Max: Fury Road vs. Star Wars



I'll admit that Fury Road is a pretty decent movie, but it doesn't even touch Star Wars, in my opinion.

Fury Road is an amazing achievement but it doesn't touch Star Wars.

Rewatching either might upset this, but Fury Road honestly excited me more, stimulated my mind more, and looked way cooler.

No contest.

Star Wars


Still Star Wars easily...

53 days ago, I chose Fury Road. I then rewatched Star Wars shortly afterward. It was pretty astounding; I slightly underestimated Star Wars. I honestly think these might be very close, but now it's Fury Road I'd have to rewatch to vote alongside.

Star Wars...and I'm surprised that the hateful Fury Road is so praised...

Glad to see Fury Road is getting crushed so far. It should be.

Might be a different story if it was Empire, but I can't choose Star Wars in this case.

Mad max fury road it is.

Love Fury Road but Star Wars definitely takes this one.

Hardest matchup ever. Il go with Mad Max

I really never liked the original Star Wars

Four Road is trash, Star Wars smashes..