Mad Max: Fury Road vs. Mad Max



Both of these were less than what I hope they'd be, but Fury Road was quite fun in parts so I'll go with that.

The original Mad Max is nothing special at all, so it gets crushed here by the spectacular Mad Max: Fury Road.

Fury Road destroys

I really don't get the praise for Fury Road. I went in with low expectations and was still disappointed. I don't really care for the original three either though. Fury Road is slightly better than the original if you ask me.

Mad Max original any day.

Mad Max 1 is a piece of dogshit.

I'll join the Mad Max original team here.

Both are on opposite sides of the spectrum for video quality. Mad Max 1 is one of the worst visuals in a film I've ever seen, whereas 4 is one of the best visuals.

I'm on the opposite way. Mad Max is one of the best; whereas 4 is one of the worst.

The original rules. Fury Road is very much overrated

The original rules. Fury Road is very much overrated


Fury Road, although I quite like the exploitation furiosity of the original film.

I was quite frankly too bored with the original Mad Max, I think might've fallen asleep. Fury Road actually managed to hold my attention and deliver an exciting blockbuster popcorn flick.