Mad Max: Fury Road vs. Jurassic World



Both 'fourquels'. JW has fun, but Fury Road is much better.

JW; I found its story more riveting.

I changed my mind.

Fury Road

Get outta here.

There are worse ways to waste two hours than watching Jurassic World, but it's a thoroughly so-so movie. Mad Max: Fury Road is easily better.

Mad Max is much better

Jurassic World was much more entertaining. While a "turn off your brain popcorn film," at least it delivered a story. Mad Max is just a two hour chase scene with no story or depth at all.

"with no story or depth at all". Yeah, no, nothing about a minority of women escaping a patriarchy only to take it over by the end. None of that.

Near coin flip...but I'll go Mad Max....

I'm late getting here. Stupid Flickchart! I saw them both twice in theaters. I liked them both and will own them too. Fury Road wins.

I'm down with that. Mad Max's story tank is empty (and the whole feminist angle is an easily deconstructed, superficially constructed smoke and mirrors display), but so what? Story really ain't that important, mayne. Jurassic World was a lot of fun though, albeit a transparent attempt at replicating the past (pun fully intended).

Both are overrated, but Fury Road is a good overrated movie. Jurassic World is just painful.

Mad Max wtf