Mad Max: Fury Road vs. Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation



Rogue Nation is 100 times better. Fury Road wasn't much of a movie. It's just one long explosion-fest with no story. Rogue Nation is a complete film.

I agree. Fury Road did nothing for me. I went in with low expectations and still ended up disappointed. Rogue Nation was a ton of fun though and easily wins in my book.

I'll go also for Rogue Nation actually.

MI5 wins this match up.

'Rogue Nation' was also a lot more fun to watch than 'Fury Road', not that 'Fury Road' was actually all that depressing.

I guess I'm alone in picking Fury Road...

two of the best action movies of the year. Fury edges

fury road

Two of my favourites of 2015 but Fury Road gets it

I'm surprised MI is getting this many votes. I thought everyone loved Mad Max. I do, and it wins this matchup pretty easily.

I really like both. Rogue Nation is the better movie though.

Rogue Nation is INDEED the better movie, period.

Fury Road by ten miles. Rogue Nation was a solid action film, but Max was a masterpiece of action and film making.

Well, this matchup has certainly swayed back and forth. I'll keep it going in Mad Max: Fury Road's direction.

Both are action-packed, but edge to "Fury Road" for having more combat

MI:5 is like the best Hamburger you've ever had, Fury Road is like Filet Mignon.

Mad Max gets the slight edge...

Fury Road is gorgeous camera work and fantastic action. Rogue Nation is all of that AND a gripping story. (And let's not forget to mention the kick-ass women who steal the show in both.) These are both in my personal Top 100, pretty close to each other, but M:I gets the edge.

Mad Max, rogue nation is the worst of the trilogy.