Badlands vs. Days of Heaven



Days of Heaven is probably the better movie, but that mass-murder je ne sais quoi....

Terrence Malick may have had the greatest debut ever with Badlands. Each of his subsequent films were just a little less good than the previous one, so I consider these his two greatest films. But Badlands wins it. The characters and dialogue are just so much more compelling in their strange perspectives and detatched, deadpan, capricious hilarity.

Between the dull characters, the poor editing and the mumbling narration, Days of Heaven is just one lousy film to watch. Badlands is thoroughly mediocre, but its two lead characters (particularly Martin Sheen's) display enough charisma to at least make the movie bearable to watch. Badlands wins.

I agree with much of what Risselada and Caesar have to say -- the one thing I will say in defense of Days of Heaven is that is just beautiful to look at, like every other Mallick film I've watched. Unfortunately, that's about all it has going for it.

Badlands...not close at all.....but agreed with one common thought....Days of Heaven might be the most beautifully shot movie I've ever seen....

Wouldn't even consider calling Badlands "thoroughly mediocre". One of my favorites. Days of Heaven is pretty, that is true. All Malick's films are. The problem is that everything from Days of Heaven on is mind-numbingly boring, almost exponentially. (NOTE: I can't say that about The New World yet, since I haven't seen it. I'm at least hoping that it isn't as tedious as all his other post-Badlands movies.)

I can appreciate the surreal contrast of innocence and violence in Badlands, but I can't say that I enjoyed it. Days of Heaven was intriguing with an emotional range and aesthetic quality that made it enjoyable. It's not a thriller by any means, but it's a well-told story of simple lives and complex situations. I don't feel the need to ever see Badlands again, but I would definitely get something out of seeing Days of Heaven repeatedly.

Both are great. Days of heaven for me.

both are great, but days of heaven is just so gorgeous