The Karate Kid vs. The Karate Kid



How is there no comments here? Anyway, The first one was way better

Really shocked there aren't more comments here. I enjoyed the heck out of the new Karate Kid. My vote may change but for now I'm giving it to the original which I haven't seen in years. Once I re-watch it, I will re-rank.

This has to happen evenutally. Considering the remake was only made to rebrand the original film to a new generation, it doesn't actually bring anything new to this fan favorite. Original all the way!

I am giving my vote to the New one. Although it brings nothing new obviously. It doesn't reinvent The Karate Kid, and bring it for a whole new generation to watch and relate to.

Daniel has my vote all the way, especially since the new one isn't even karate.

If not for the nostalgia, the JC remake would win quite easily.

Original all the way. I just think it had more heart, plus Mr. Miyagi is irreplaceable. The soundtrack was amazing too. The new one was enjoyable but over the top, it just came off as another remake.

Karate Kid the og version wins Mr. Miyagi is perfect for the part... and the Your the Best Around clip towards the end is awesome.

Unlike the original film, the remake of The Karate Kid is rather poorly paced and the character development of the antagonists is all but nonexistent. It's also far too light on action, and the action it does have is almost laughably cartoonish. On the bright side, it does have a handful of nice scenes, and both Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan do an adequate job in their roles. Still, the remake is inferior to the original movie is nearly every way I can think of.

Put this VS in a body bag....easy stuff.

I think the 2010 version is just a tad bit better with better philosophy and better acting.

Why do people think the original is better? Because of nostalgia. The 2010 version has better acting all around and better philosophies. The main character doesn't just master a strong fighting technique to win. They have to master the spiritual aspects as well.

The original stomps so hard it's not even funny.