Infernal Affairs vs. The Departed



Well well well. And I didn't even force the matchup. Infernal Affairs is great. A suspenseful, exciting, tight thriller. It's like the Godfather of Hong Kong. The Departed had its moments, which I don't really remember, but too many problems (the silly Jack Nicholson character, the deflating ending). One of Scorsese's worst -- the Godfather III of Boston.

The Mahk Wahlbahg character is fah sillier. Really, though, both movies are equally absurd: make it as "gritty" and "procedurey" as you like, the entire set-up's essentially magic. At least Death Note has demons in it.

You obviously haven't seen Infernal Affairs II and III -- MANY DEMONS. The rat in the last shot of The Departed might have also been a demon -- BUT PROBABLY NOT.

Do either of the sequels explain why that one girl is featured so prominently on the American cover and, more importantly, why she's wearing those ridiculous shorts?

Ha ha. My DVD has that cover. For awhile I thought it was one of the three women in the movie, just posing out of character. Usually I thought it was Yan's ex, since she's in the movie for like 2 minutes and I would forget what she looked like. However, I think it is actually someone not in the movie at all. She isn't in Infernal Affairs II or III... BUT she's rumored to be the main character in the upcoming gangster/tennis movie Infernal Affairs IV: Infernal Racquet.

That explains the shorts anyway.

I saw Infernal Affairs first, and really liked it. I'm glad Scorsese went in another direction with it, resulting in two films with different strengths and weaknesses. At first I preferred Infernal Affairs for being taut, focused and having two great performers as leads (Andy Lau and Tony Leung are gifted actors). Now I'm converting to Scorsese's side; I like the messy, disoriented, moody Departed. My only complaint: the "twist" ending added at the very end of The Departed. I know it's satisfying, but the whole point of Infernal Affairs is in leaving you unsatisfied. It wouldn't have been necessary if Damon's character wasn't under-written, which detracts from what would otherwise be a masterpiece.

I prefer Infernal Affairs, its way better

Both are pretty fucking great. Perhaps my Non-Sexual crush (that's right ladies, I'm still all man) on Leo swayed the movie for me. The scene in the psychiatrist's office does it every time. The soundtrack was inspired too..."I'm shippin' up to Boston to find my wooden leg."

Honestly, I think Infernal Affairs is overrated. Love Tony Leung and I liked the movie, but I don't think it compares as well to the Departed as most people think it does. I'm with Protozoid. I dig the messiness and the moodiness of the Departed and prefer just about anything I've seen of Johnnie To's to Infernal Affairs.

Infernal Affairs. The Departed seems typical of American cinema with nothing that stands out besides a few performances and the names attached to it. Infernal Affairs seems like everyone involved was really giving it their all and I think this really comes off in the ambiguity of the characters in Infernal Affairs compared to the good guys and bad guys in the Departed. Admittedly the production values for the Departed are better, the look is a little more polished. But in the end I think it comes down to which characters are more interesting and I have no doubt that Infernal Affairs conquers there. Sorry for the long entry.

Infernal Affairs is better paced, has better characters and a better ending. The Departed just seems dull in comparison.

Mou gaan dou beats The Departed for me... if only for the omission of Jack (smirky face) Nicholson and telling virtually the same story in less time... oh yeah and Ray Winstone... and the 2D Alec Baldwin and jeees that crap typecast performance by Mark Wahlberg... yep all The Departed needed was the inclusion of Vinnie Jones, The Rock and Jason Stratham... The Departed was utter typecast pigs cahunas in comparison... a poorly acted OTT stereotypical remake..

Having just finished Infernal Affairs, I must say that I'm baffled by the praises the film has gotten. I don't think The Departed is a masterpiece, but it is far better than Infernal Affairs, in my opinion. It's editing was maddeningly frenetic, the musical choices (and the scenes they were so forcefully played over) were ill-advised and the story felt rushed in several places. The Departed was longer and took its time to develop certain plot threads (the mole's paranoia, his relationship with Vera Farmiga's character, etc.) and I appreciated it more mainly because of that. No, it's not perfect, but I felt The Departed corrected most of the problems that were in Infernal Affairs.

Internal Affairs is the only one of the two that I have'nt seen, because of that I'm afraid I have to give it to The Departed. I may change my mind, though.

I saw The Departed that is the one that will always stick out to me. Infernal Affairs is absolutely legit. Loved it also...but I just can't take it over The Departed.

The Departed is much better. There are many scenes that are in both films and time and again Scorsese injects far superior and poetic dialog and shots to scenes that are flat in comparison. Also, while the Departed is a remake it also strongly recalls much of Scorsese's previous work going all the way back to "It's Not Just You, Murray" so he makes the material completely his own. I did see the Departed first and have to also add that I missed the psychiatrist role from the Departed because it was so reduced in Infernal Affairs that the film barely had a female presence. Scorsese's film got a lot more hay out of this role and especially in terms of her having a relationship with both leads.

Both solid films, but still decisively Infernal Affairs is the superior film, and more than being the original story. Infernal Affair's style in regards to speaking visually is able to say more without dragging with dialogue, making the film's pace more appropriate in regards to thrillers. While The Departed had good acting, especially more so with the supporting cast, Infernal Affair's star actors, Tony Leung and Andy Lau graced the screen with incredible performances. Lastly the end of Infernal Affairs was the last selling point over the Departed. As this movie's end feels more complete, satisfying, and downright Asian. Love it.

Departed is one of the rare moments where the American remake is better than the Asian original. Infernal Affairs was intricately made crime film but The Departed was better for the Scorsese treatment. Winner: The Departed.

I have seen infernal affairs and I can say that the departed is a better film you can call me a Scorsese fan boy but I enjoyed the departed more . Infernal affairs maybe the hong kong godfather but it's not the godfather and the departed is better it has the Scorsese treatment and one of the best cast in film

I'm sick of people saying Departed is a "Ripoff" ... ITS A REMAKE okay... and its far better... The Acting, The Pacing, The Storytelling, The Depth... all of it... if Departed had been first noone would say Infernal Affairs was better...

I SAW INFERNAL FIRST it is NOT as GOOD.... I'm so tired of people saying Departed is dull... if anything affairs is... this is coming of a hong kong native... DEPARTED WINS

The Departed was an underwhelming remake of a true masterpiece - Infernal Affairs. The characters are poorly developed, their is a needless relationship forced into it, not a single character (other than Leo) shows a shred of emotion (Matt Damon in particular is so lifeless) and it completely skips the spinning vortex of hell that Infernal Affairs so beautifully portrayed. The ending is just terrible and Jack Nicholson is so darn annoying. And the guy, above, who said the dialogue is poetic made me laugh. Is this what poetry has been brought down to? Cheesy love-talk, detracting metaphors and constant swearing? Infernal Affairs is an emotional tour de force and is a far better movie than the Departed. The Departed stole Best Picture from Children of Men.

I always pick the foreign original over the american remake, but not here. Infernal Affairs is good and Tony Leung is one of my favorite actors but the death scenes were overplayed.

The Departed is a prime example how to make remakes. Take the best stuff from the original, but expand, make it more intense and take out the stupid stuff, in this case IA had the stupid flashbacks and music was overused. Infernal affairs is good but The Departed is great, an amazing film with great direction and performances. Infernal affairs also has a great performance which is Tony Leung's performance.

Infernal Affairs is good for sure, but it isn't very fleshed out and feels pretty rushed at times. The Departed took the best parts of Infernal Affairs and made it better.

Glad to see that later comments side with The Departed. Just because it's foreign doesn't make it better. The Dearted is a superior film, but Internal Affairs is good source material. Though I wouldn't be surprised to find out that it was a slightly updated adaptation of LA Confidential.

The Departed was just too excessive and in-your-face for me. There was no subtlety to it, every scene had to be bombarded with either constant swearing or constant violence. I get that Scorsese's trying to revisit the same kinda tone he established with films like Goodfellas and Casino but I just don't think that approach works here. It worked in those films since they were all about the EXPERIENCE of that lifestyle as opposed to a mere plot, but since this is a thriller we're dealing with here, it just made the film come off as overly goofy and cartoonish and not at all suspenseful. The characters too, come off feeling really one-dimensional as there's never any doubt as to whether or not does Damon's character deserve what he gets at the end or not and Nicholson just makes a cartoon out of every scene he's in. Leo too, seems to have to rely on constant shouting and cursing to tell us how much of a tough guy he is and how much stress his job is putting him under. The original film featured subtle, yet nuanced characters, and the pace never once slowed down and moved like a bullet the whole way through while featuring just enough human moments to make it an emotionally satisfying experience. Infernal Affairs all the way.

Both are great. It's really hard to go against Scorcese even if it is a remake.