The Boondock Saints vs. Hard Boiled



I know I'm gonna get some hate for this, but I'm choosing Saints. It just clicked for me like Hard Boiled would for others. Both kick plenty of ass.

Oh---MY GOD! You did not just pick The Boondock Saints over Hard Boiled! WTF is wrong with you, dude?!

I live about 4000 miles away from Tory, yet here I am picking pieces of his exploded brain off of my loafers.

I'll send you another pair of loafers.

Saints. Not a slight on Hard Boiled....just liked Boondock more...

...I gotta slow my heart rate down, 'cause I'm really mad at you aggins right now. Fok, where are you? FOOOOOOOOOK!

Hard Boiled is the better action film even though its a slower paced film at times The action scenes are high tense and over the top and Woo's direction is perfect! I do think Boondocks is ver entertaining and hits closer to home with me but its not the better film!