The Boondock Saints vs. Fight Club



Tough choice indeed. But between these two kings of the underground, I'll go with BOONDOCK SAINTS.

I'm with ya, Fight Club is in my top 50 but the Saints are in my top 10.

This has got to be one of my toughest ones yet. Yet the more I think about it the more I think fight club is better. Fight Club it is.

Fight Club,Boondocks Saints is just okay to me.

The two perfect guy flicks in my opinion. Fight Club had one of the biggest twists while Boondocks had some of the most awesome shootouts, so Boondocks wins.

Both are great, But Boondock Saints Win.

If your little brother who plays Call of Duty and screams "faggot!!! faggot!!!" into his headset all day made a movie, he'd make Boondocks Saints. Then if he started taking philosophy classes at community college, he'd make Fight Club.


Holy shit The Boondock Saints was bad. Seriously some of the worst dialog I've ever heard, and the film as a whole has zero substance. That's just the tip of the iceberg though, I could go on for a while about why I hate The Boondock Saints. Fight Club is probably my favorite film ever at the moment, and these two movies should never be compared.

Boondocks is a harsh violent kick ass film its a film with great characters and the story of a family who become anti-hero vigilantes who want to take back the streets of their Hometown is great! but fight club is a smarter more edgier and witty film! it hits all the right spots for a action film that turns into a drama with a mindbending inner story! and is the clear winner!

Boondock all the way....

Boondock Saints is terrible. Fight Club isn't.

I like them both. Only Love One Of Them. Fight Club wins.

@Fok: I agree with the first part, but I tend to think Fight Club's critics are a tad harsh. He nailed the rest of it, though.

Fight Club all the way.

Fight club is way to pretentious,Boondocks is a very ridiculous movie that knows what it is.