The Boondock Saints vs. Shoot 'Em Up



I hate Boondock Saints more than almost any other movie because it's so obxnoxious. Shoot 'Em Up suffers from the same problem, but at least it's dumb enough to be fun rather than just irritating.

You are an idiot. Boondock Saints is one of the greatest movies ever made.

Both are fine, but Boondock Saints is way better

The guy who says Boondock Saints is one of the GOAT is calling you an idiot.



Love, love both of these...don't be a hater!

Pieces of shit give guns and violence a bad fuckin' name.

I love Shoot 'Em Up and The Boondocks Saints. But you don't call someone an idiot for expressing an opinion, just stick to your own, who cares what someone else thinks. It's all subjective anyway. Shoot 'Em Up wins, and I don't care what people think about that.

Yeah the problem is he called someone else an idiot for his opinion, making him fair game.


I haven't seen Shoot 'Em Up, but there's no way it's worse than The Boondock Saints. I wouldn't be surprised if the movie's tagline was: "Fag."

Of all the movies I could be called an idiot for disliking... The thing is, there are a lot of movies out there. I assume that GallifreyanKing has not seen much of a variety. Which is OK. But when you have such an insulated view of film that not liking The Boondock Saints is grounds for accusing someone of idiocy then it's time to take a few moments to reevaluate your life. I'm not a "hater". I am just someone who finds The Boondock Saints to be among the stupidest pieces of shit ever made. I don't necessarily believe that those who enjoy it are equally stupid, because people derive entertainment from movies for lots of reasons. But, compared to the wide variety of other films I've seen, The Boondock Saints seems to be a big, flaming, juicy turd on the sidewalk of cinema.

Boondock Saints for better dialogue, chemistry, and I find the leads more appealing than Clive Owen