Once Upon a Time ...in Hollywood vs. Parasite



Tough, but OUATIH takes the cake.

OUATIH gets better & better after every rewatch. It is Tarantino's most emotional, mature & complex film. I also love Parasite though, probably my #2 film of the year after OUATIH


Parasite is far superior. Parasite is my 3rd favorite film of the year. What a great year for film. Parasite is masterly crafted genuis storytelling.

Parasite>Once Upon a Time ...in Hollywood.


OUATIH keeps getting better & better after every rewatch. It is Tarantino's most emotional, complex movie. Parasite is pretty good too but does not offer anything new on rewatches

I liked both, but to me Parasite was the better film.

Loved both but parasite is next level


Parasite was the best by far.

I can't say that I absolutely love either....but just due to Pitt's ridiculously awesome performance....I'm going Hollywood...

Parasite is way superior in every regard. From screenplay to directing and even supporting actor. Pitt is all fine, but he's not as great as Kang-Ho Song, which is pretty much who deserved all the Oscar love. Easy win for me and I actually really enjoyed Hollywood.

love them both, two great films of 2019 filled with tension, but the better film with more to say is Parasite.

I had to pause for a second but my choice is Parasite. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood had better performances and the cinematography is gorgeous but it sometimes felt too long, at least longer than it needed to be. Parasite never dragged out and the plot is very clever with some great themes on social class!

I find it interesting how more than one person here has said that OOATIH "gets better with every viewing". I hope that's true, because honestly, off the back of a single viewing (and without having seen Death Proof or Jackie Brown), I personally think that it's Tarantino's worst film to date, and this is coming from someone who thought Inglourious Basterds was decent but overrated and The Hateful Eight was a drag! Like those (and much of the rest of Tarantino's output, even the really good stuff), Hollywood is far too long for its own good (you could have cut Margot Robbie's entire story arc as Sharon Tate out of the film and it wouldn't have affected the plot in any way, other than making an already entertaining climactic fight just a little bit more satisfying, if moot), but additionally lacks plot structure or really any substantial differences or improvements on Tarantino's prior work i.e. the cinematography is fine and the shot-by-shot editing is good (not the overall editing; as mentioned, concision has never been Tarantino's strong point, particularly this side of the new millennium), but no better than previous films, and I can't really remember any of the dialogue, unlike his other films, some of which I have only seen once. Pitt and DiCaprio's performances were about the only thing which I enjoyed. That's not to say that I don't like Tarantino; I rate Pulp Fiction, the Kill Bills and Django amongst my favourites, I'm really looking forward to watching Jackie Brown, and I'd certainly be willing to give this and Basterds a reappraisal at some point, but Hollywood, on first viewing, really didn't do it for me. Parasite wasn't perfect for me, but it achieved much more of what it set out to do, with compelling performances all around, an intriguing plot, clear themes which were portrayed and executed very well and a consistent, suitable, handsome visual aesthetic of cinematography and editing that enhanced the intrigue and tension to great effect. I take some umbrage with the climax, which kind of came out of nowhere and almost spoiled the film for me, but they redeemed it with an epilogue which felt appropriately measured, sombre and brought both the plot and the themes full circle. A deserved Best Picture winner, Parasite wins this matchup for me, without question.

Hey, buddy; perhaps you didn't noticed, but it's the same person, and it's someone that's not really reliable at that point though. I'm sorry if you're a real person, @ayanesh, but there seems to be an annoying wave of bot spammers in this site and you seemed to be one of them, especially because you've commented twice the practically same thing here. Also, let me just add something that I guess Eagle's comment made me think about: Hollywood's performances were kinda of over-the-top and melodramatic on a second watch, especially Brad Pitt. He's pretty great, no doubt, but Oscar worthy? More like so bad it's good. As for Parasite, most of the cast is just fine, but Song Kang-Ho, Choi Woo-Shik and Park So-Dam really shine.

^I only saw the film for the first time yesterday and I thought Leo and Pitt showed a great range of acting. Particularly during the sequence where Rick Dalton was shooting the pilot. Brad Pitt is also quite over the top in many things I've seen him in and it worked for the character with his frame of mind. Melodramatic? Maybe on the rewatch I might reevaluate this. Over the top? I mean the entire film is a little over the top anyway so it worked within the tone. With Parasite, the performances all seemed spot on. I don't speak the language so I'm not 100% clear about the line delivery (even though, through their expressions and tones I could make a lot of it out) but it was the story and the characters that captivated me.

@TommyDoyle, yeah I only realised that after posting the comment, whoops.

For people complaining about Sharon Tate's arc, the movie does not work without it.She is the dramatic engine of the movie, as you know she is going to die on August 9th.That's why just watching her live her life is so heartbreaking as you know it's about to end on August 9th. Her going to the movies is the most important scene. There is also a thematic link here as Sharon is at the beginning of her career & Rick & Cliff being are at the end of there's and how heartbreaking it is when either one ends. Anyway that's just my opinion but I can understand why many people found Parasite more accessible. BTW I also liked Parasite.

& Sorry to @TommyDoyle, for commenting the same rewatching thing twice. That was accidental

Parasite is a fraud. Overrated in every way.

Parasite is better. Much better story and acting

Liked both. If I had to pick one, I would got with OUATIH

Parasite is clearly better!!

Both are great, but Parasite is the best film of 2019.