Once Upon a Time ...in Hollywood vs. Dunkirk



Very close one, both modern day masterpieces, but Tarantino has the edge

OUATIH is far generation classic story more than Dunkirk here.

Both are astounding but I will go with Once Upon a Time...In Hollywood

Tarantino 9th.

Tarantino for sure. Dunkirk SUCKED. Wasn't even a movie.

Definitely Tarantino destroys anything Nolan, every Nolan film sucks.

Dunkirk easily, OUaTiH is a mess of a film.

Every Nolan movie is garbage often none of it was a great special story, every Tarantino is a modern masterpiece and Nolan movie isn’t.


Dunkirk by a New York mile.

Tarantino over Nolan here.


Dunkirk is the better film


Dunkirk 9/10 masterpiece is way better

Dunkirk all the way.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

Every Nolan movie is garbage.

Dunkirk is better.

ADomineerM13 is a DC/Nolan hater and mcu fanboy. Dunkirk

Every Nolan is garbage.

TheFireRises is most idiot this site as well.

TheFireRises is most idiot this site as well.t

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Tarantino is a master film maker. Nolan has some good efforts but some duds as well.


Spam all you want. Dunkirk is a far superior film. I love both directors but Nolan trumps Tarantino here.

Dunkirk isn’t anything special great but beyond the most crappy movie ever but as once upon a time in hollywood has better characters and Tarantino’s greatest 9th film of the year.

Both are really good but Dunkirk is a better crafted film and the pacing and structure is tighter


Jesus guys stop spamming

Dunkirk handily.

OUATIH is way better, Dunkirk is generally piece of awful crap waste.

Dunkirk is way better. Nobody will remember OUATIH in 10 years!

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Both movies are great and not much rewatchable. I enjoyed Dunkirk more but OUTAIH has more rewatch value and it's more character driven so it gets my vote.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is excellence. Dunkirk is not.... not even a movie really.

OUAIH was better than Dunkirk, better than TDKR.