Once Upon a Time ...in Hollywood vs. Us



Tarantino beats Peele

OUATIH easily takes this one....OUATIH keeps getting better after every rewatch....Unlike Get Out,the plot of Us makes less and less sense the more u think

Two of the best.


I never thought I would prefer a film like Us but I just was not that impressed with OUATIH and Us was damn impressive.

Us was disappointing, but i cant wait to watch Once upon a time in Hollywood.

Once Upon a Time...In Hollywood destroys Us

Us left me thinking/rethinking/trithinking about a shitload of very important subjects that need to be thought on constantly. Once Upon a Time... was fun, yes, very fun, but... what was the point of it, again?

I have to agree with the dude above. Us was an incredible watch that is still very vividly on my mind. Hollywood... as fun as it was, it's just your standard Tarantino flick that really doesn't hold up at all.

Easy win for QT...