Once Upon a Time ...in Hollywood vs. Pulp Fiction



Quentin’s best yet another film this year ever, but going with Pulp Fiction still.

Close but still have to go with Pulp. Was absolutely blown away by Hollywood though, it’s easily my 2nd favorite Tarantino

Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood was great, but Pulp Fiction is one of the best.


Pulp Fiction is Tarantino's best and ......in Hollywood is his worst film to date. Brad Pitt is the best reason to see Tarantino's self indulgent bore fest.

Pulp Fiction is better but Once Upon a Time ...in Hollywood is still a great movie (the best of 2019 for me).

Pulp Fiction is boring and idiotic. I'm just going to be honest here. It's boring, boring, boring. Also very much disjointed. I think it loses me on re-watches, because last time I saw it I fell asleep in the middle. Hollywood beats the crap out of it. Brad Pitt is absolutely awesome. The humour is just fine. Also, the Spahn Ranch sequence was fuckin' great and also that ending. Btw, I'm actually fucking exhaust but I could watch it until the end because it just caught my attention easily.

Pulp Fiction for me here

I still don't get the love for Pulp Fiction. I like every other Tarantino film I've seen but Pulp does nothing for me. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is energetic, colourful and better in every sense!

I'm not the biggest Tarantino fan, but I'm no hater either. I think both of these movies are just sort of... all right? Pulp Fiction might be slightly better, but if you'd ask me which movie I'd rather watch again I'd probably say Once Upon a Time, so I'm going with that one.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

This man hasn't made a bad film in my eyes, I've loved them all, but Pulp Fiction is at the very top of that list. An absolute masterpiece.

Great movies both but Pulp Fiction is a masterpiece.

Tarantino has always been great at style and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was the film where he had some substance as well. Pulp Fiction had some good scenes with Bruce Willis and Harvey Keitel but the rest was a snooze