Flags of Our Fathers vs. Letters from Iwo Jima



Classic duel, think Iwo is better though.

I enjoyed both, but I think that Flags of Our Fathers was more conventional, and I must award the point to Letters from Iwo Jima for telling a side of the story we rarely get here in the states.

Amazed there is so few comments on this discussion. Iwo wins it, if not for offering a different perspective then for the scene when the Japanese soldiers read the letter from the Americans mother.

Iwo Jima just crushes on this one. As a massive fan of military movies, I've watched both multiple times and Flags just doesn't pack near the emotional punch of Iwo Jima.

Letters from Iwo Jima by far. Flags of Our Fathers doesn't come close.

Letters in a canter. Flags feels disjointed and lacking in focus by comparison. Letters is one of the truly memorable war films.

Iwo Jima was a lot more emotional and Flags was just a comedic narrative compared to Iwo Jima so I would have to go with Iwo Jima by infinity miles.

Iwo is way better than Flags!

I didn't mean to submit that comment twice. So yeah,....just a heads up to you peoples!

Letters from Iwo Jima and it;s not even remotely close.

Letters from iwo jima, it has a different perspective of WWII

Letters is defenitely the more emotionally powerful of the two,and why did flags have to start in with the narration in the last third of the movie?