Suspiria vs. Suspiria



There undoubtedly will be people who like the new Suspiria better because it attempts to be deeper than the original. I fully agree that Suspiria (1977) is not a film of great depth, but it is one of the most visually and aurally stimulating films I've ever seen. The original cannot really be remade, because it's all about the style. The new Suspiria takes an entirely different route with the visual style and musical score, perhaps purposely not trying to imitate the original. The new version does do some interesting things, and I applaud it for being different and trying to say something, but the original is just such a unique experience. Suspiria (2018) isn't very scary, with witches that just seem like a bunch of buddies hanging out (when they aren't using evil magic against people).


The original by far... it's just something else, it's so nightmarish. The remake is completely unnecessary, yet competent enough to warrant its existence, I guess. Perhaps it tries to be too deep and convoluted for its own purpose, or not. But, way too long it was.

Yeah, the remake was overlong. And it's pretty confusing and empty, so it's way too long really. The original is a classic. I love its visuals and I love how it's made. Not like the remake was badly made, it was really well-made, but I love the feel of the original for a reason.

The original easily... do I really have to explain?... okay I will. In 1977, foreign movie Suspiria was released. A dark and surreal experience topped with an intense last 10 minutes and beautiful use of colour. The lack of exposition works because it keeps the script tight and always moving. Do we need too much depth for why these mysterious things are happening or why they're trying to kill 'the American girl'? Of course not. And now for the remake... I can appreciate them for trying to do the complete opposite of the original but the plot is so dull and, at times, hard to follow. It's just forgettable and not engaging. Why take a 90 minute work of surrealism with an eerie atmosphere and expand it to 150 minutes of confusing and meandering sequences vaguely trying to tell a 'story'.

I prefer the original but the remake is fantastic.

I actually far prefer the remake. One of my favorite movies of 2018 for sure and one of my favorite horror films in general.

i really like the original but this remake is such an excellent take on the concept, ultimately making for a superior film

A remake i actually like but it was a little overdone. Fairly pretentious and too long. So the original wins but it's not the usual curbstomp.