Suspiria vs. Hereditary



Two fantastic horror films from 2018. Both are smart and scary. I think I’ll take Hereditary

Shit and gold. There's not much really of a comparison here. A creepy and unsettling horror movie that had a share of great twists and an incredible turn by Toni Collette vs. Overlong, tedious, shallow crap that manages to make the original look like a worse movie than what it really is. The only redeeming factor was Tilda Swinton as Madame Blanc. And that's just one of her characters in the movie.

Both are great films - but Suspiria was life-changing and became more of a quintessential film for me. Think they'll both go down as some of the best of the 2010's and Hereditary will be more well-known, but I think Suspiria is better and will get that recognition later.