Hot Fuzz vs. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind



Damn, damn, damn...

Do I really have to choose between them? D:

Not an easy choice... In the end I'll go with the more serious one.

I really love both of these movies. What a horrible choice to have to make.

This is so easy. "Eternal Sunshine" is possibly the best film of the past decade. It's labyrinthine narrative structure is masterful, and, somehow, it's the highest science fiction film on my list while also rivaling "City Lights" and "Casablanca" as my all-time favorite love story.


My love for Hot Fuzz has slowly fizzled. I still really like it, but Eternal Sunshine gets my vote.

Eternal Sunshine is just too damn good...

Spotless Mind.

Gotta go Eternal Sunshine, although Hot Fuzz is underrated and always seems to be overshadowed by Shaun of the Dead.

Yes love watching Hot Fuzz but the deeply moving and viberant Eternal Sunshine wins!

Definitely Eternal Sunshine. I don't really understand the appeal of Hot Fuzz.