Hot Fuzz vs. Pineapple Express



Wow, this is one of the most closely aligned movie matchups I've seen in a while. There aren't too many movies in the "comedy action movie satire" category that both work as comedies and action movies.

Tough one, both great movies, both very funny. I think pineapple express has more rewatch value though.

ohh, tough battle but i think hot fuzz!

pineapple express (land slide)

"Hot Fuzz," all the way. It was a blast to see Timothy Dalton ham it up, it added "yarp" and "narp" to our vocabulary and if that's not managed to make "Bad Boys II" actually seem cool.

I'll have to go with Pineapple Express.Hot Fuzz was ok imo.


Pineapple Express has more laugh out loud moments.

I'm throwing in for the cleverer one.

fuzz, both were great

Both didn't quite live up to the hype. I'd say Pineapple Express on this one.

Hott Fuzz, easily.

Hot Fuzz by a landslide

Fuzz over Express..