The Nice Guys vs. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang



Shane Black is really good...Lethal Weapon, Predator, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and now The Nice Guys. Anyways, it's still KKBB for me, it was a spectacular flick.

The Nice Guys was awesome and it was nice to see Shane Black go back to what he apparently does best. Even though I had a blast with The Nice Guys, it's still gotta be Kiss Kiss Bang Bang for me which ranks among my favorites.

The Nice Guys

It's The Nice Guys for me. It's been a while since I've seen Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang though, that one is desperately asking for a rewatch. The Nice Guys was fuckin' amazing. It might be his best film yet.

It's cool, Shane; smart guys are allowed to self-plagiarise. Sick movies, mayne.

Perfect match because these movies feel related. Kiss Kiss is still the better film.

kiss kiss, bang bang is great, but the nice guys is ,in my opinion ,the improved, funnier and better acted spiritual successor to kkbb

The Nice Guys is not without its charms, but it gets a little lost toward the end. Plus Robert Downey and Val Kilmer have a much better buddy-picture chemistry than Gosling and Crowe.

Edge to The Nice Guys...