Fanny and Alexander vs. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery



Okay, Fanny and Alexander is deep and serious and looooooooong, but no fun. Austin Powers is fun but not deep. This is blasphemy to by Bergman fanboyishness, but Fanny and Alexander is like a job to get through, even though it`s rewarding. It has to be like my 5th or 6th favourite Bergman film. On the other hand, Austin Powers, taken out of context from its sequels, is a lot of fun. So that`s that. BUT FANNY AND ALEXANDER IS GOOD. GOD IS A PUPPET. SPOILER ALERT.

I have to disagree about Fanny and Alexander being a good film. I found it to be a very uneven work. As I understand, it was originally conceived as a miniseries, which probably explains the film version's unevenness. Also, the supernatural elements in the movie just seemed woefully out of place. On the whole, Fanny and Alexander is just one long, sloppy drama. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery has lost some of my admiration over the years (its two forgettable sequels likely have a lot to do with that), but it's still a serviceable little comedy. It's an easy winner in this matchup.

I'll take Austin Powers in an easy...easy win here.

Fanny and Alexander is so damn incredible its unfair.

Fanny and Alexander (TV version) is Bergman this absolute best & It's the sum total of all his works. This is a ridiculous matchup.

fanny och alexander is bergman's masterpiece