Nightcrawler vs. Taxi Driver



Who is more terrifying, Travis Bickle or Louis Bloom?

The films are actually fairly comparable. While I did absolutely love Nightcrawler, this really isn't close.

Travis Bickle beats Jake Gyllenhaal

They are very comparable in terms of character-study. Two sociopaths crossing the legality line that a little freakin' bit. This however, is no contest.

Nightcrawler clearly pays homage to Taxi Driver.

Both are great character studies with dark characters but Taxi Driver wins for sure.

7-1. I'll be the first to say that Nightcrawler is the better movie. Nightcrawler caught me completely off guard. It captivated me and as soon as it was over I wanted to watch it again. TaXi Driver was before it's time, and it does hold up well, but it feels like the direction is misguided in the sense that the antihero is mentally unstable. This film would be ridiculed by the pundits today due to its politically incorrect use of mental health issues.

I do not connect with Travis Bickle nearly as much as I do Louis Bloom. I think the journey that Nightcrawler takes you on is so much better.

Nightcrawler might be the more fun ride but Travis Bickle is far more fascinating than Lou Bloom. Nightcrawler might be a great modern thriller but Taxi Driver is an all time classic.

I really love Gyllenhaal's unique performance the best out of the two, so I am going with Nightcrawler on this one.