Blow Out vs. Scarface



Yikes. Two De Palma masterpieces, Travolta & Pacino, and two great scores. De Palma definitely shows more control with Blow Out but Scarface is so epic in scope its like he's just trying to hold on. I feel like these two could go back and forth depending on my mood... and right now its gotta be Scarface.

Two of De Palma's best. This is pretty hard, I'll take Scarface though.

Two great films by De Palma. I'm siding with Scarface but Blow Out is fantastic as well.

I love Scarface to me I was disappointed of Blow Out

i think scarface is palmas third best blow out is his best

Blow Out was decent, but it never touches the level of Scarface.

Scarface just confuses me. Was it supposed to look so 1980-heavy (thus making it dated)? Was it supposed to look so cheap? Was Pacino supposed to overact like crazy? Was the film supposed to be so excessive in length? But even if you ignore that, it's just a poorly directed film. DePalma's usual flair and interesting camera shots and angles are severely missing here. I can think of far more creative shots in Blow Out than in Scarface, and it's just a better film all-around. Nothing beats Phantom of the Paradise, though.

Scarface just didn't hold up very well at all from what I remember it being. Too long, too many weak characters and a story that just isn't anywhere near as interesting as what the best of the gangster genre has to offer. There isn't as much of a point to Scarface for me given that Tony Montana starts the movie as a rotten person, and ends the movie as....more of a rotten person. The attempts at tying the character down to a human level (as is the case of Godfather, Goodfellas) just didn't work that well for me because it was poorly written. Suddenly, Scarface stands at the bottom of the 5 De Palma movies I've seen.

Blow Out is good, but Sarface is easily De Palma's best movie.

Blow Out is good, but Scarface is a straight up masterpiece.