Blow Out vs. Blow-Up



aa ha so it comes to this now but i are no which one i think is better i love blow up but blow out expands on it while also mixing other films and doing its own thing and having something to say about the time, also a huge brian de palma fan and it really captures the beauty and the art of film honestly both do but blow out does it better

Definitely Blow-up. Of course these films are totally different and while DePalma took the idea from Blow-up and turned it into a thriller, Antonioni's Blow-up was never a thriller. It's about the 60's, it's a satire on the time's pretentiousness and emptiness of the people and at the same time weirdly a praise for the fashion, music, sexuality and strangeness of the 60's. There's a mystery and it doesn't get solved. It's the whole point. Hemmings' character totally ignores the possible murder in the end and just goes back to partying. And it's about isolation like many Antonioni films are. Blow-up is an amzing film, DePalma's Blow out is just a good thriller, but not much else. Excellent cinematography in Blow out thou, but the framing in Blow-up is almost art on its own. As I said, definitely Blow-Up.

After re-watching Blow-up, I've experienced a level of boredom. I used to like it, but I've lost my like for it. Blow Out wins by 30.