12 Angry Men vs. The Third Man



this is cruel

12 Angry Men. Some epic performances in this one...

Really good matchup, but I would have to give this one to 12 Angry Men

Ooh. Good match-up. I'm not even sure where to begin with this one. The Third Man leaves a much, much bigger impact, but, unlike 12 Angry Men, it's not a film that has you engrossed with most every second. The Third Man is a terrific movie, but there are moments that aren't as good. I don't know...I really don't know. I guess 12 Angry Men...or not. Or...I don't know! Gosh, this is hard. The Third Man. Fine...there it is.

15 men, 12 of them angry as f**k. Harry Lime loses this one...

Not hard for me, 12 Angry Men wins with ease.

Fine matchup, but 12 Angry Men is the clear winner. As for The Third Man, it's top 25 for me and there's no shame in losing to 12 Angry Men though.

Both are great films but I like The Third Man more

The less men the better.

Haven't seen The Third Man in a quite a while, but I think 12 Angry Men is the clear winner. That movie is simply unforgettable.

As acclaimed as both of these films have been, neither of them are among my favorites. Both are good on there own terms, but flawed. 12 Angry Men is entertaining, but if you read the play by Reginald Rose you will realize that the movie is stale an cliched in comparison. The Third Man is entrepreneuring and smart, but in its efforts to be deep and emotional it is more often than not a little boring. The winner is The Third Man though, not just because it is more groundbreaking but because it has one of the best lines in all of cinema.

They never actually identified who the Third Man was, and honestly, it makes sense that it would be Lee J. Cobb.

Lee J. Cobb was Juror #3, and that man was definitely angry. Dude needs some zither in his life.

The only thing that the third man has on 12 angry men is the music.