12 Angry Men vs. Star Wars



this question is impossible

Star Wars on this one.

12 Angry Men.

Star Wars but 12 Angry Men is still fantastic...SW is one of those films

I love, love 12 Angry Men, but I can't pick it over Star Wars.

12AM was a wonderful, tight, gripping movie with amazing performances. Even though i have 1 or 2 issues with the plot i would pick it over Star Wars.

I just watched 12 Angry Men and it was fantastic, but Star Wars is a top 10 film for me.

They are both amazing movies, but I believe that Star Wars is the winner here.

star wars...very narrow.

Definitely one of the closest Flickchart battles ever for me. Childhood boom or technical perfection? I guess I'm going with my heart here. Star Wars.

The Force prevails

The excellent courtroom drama that we all know as 12 Angry Men; or the great Star Wars? Even though 12 Angry Men is filled with suspense, Star Wars is quite good with its soundtrack, cinematography, and action sequences. I think it narrowly wins.

12 Angry Men destroys Star Wars in every way!!!

Both are in my top 20 but Star Wars is too incredible

12 Angry Men is too incredible.