The Purple Rose of Cairo vs. Annie Hall



I'm going to be controversial and go with Purple Rose. Both are excellent, but I related to Purple Rose more.

I can't really tell if The Purple Rose of Cairo is brilliant or stupid. I'm leaning towards the former, I guess. I have to give it credit for its loony creativity. I've always thought Annie Hall sucked, so this is an easy choice.

Annie Hall is far more entertaining. I find that Purple Rose just scratches the surface of it's fantastic premise.

I was more entertained by The Purple Rose...

I never really got the appeal of Annie Hall. Purple Rose, on the other hand, is charming.

Annie Hall wins. Both are good though.

The Purple Rose of Cairo is a charming bit of cinema, which makes you think about the world just a little differently. It does not have the soul-bearing charm of Annie Hall, though.

Annie Hall is both good and overrated at the same time. It's not Woody Allen's best, but it's a better film than Purple Rose of Cairo