Dial M for Murder vs. Vertigo



Two of Hitchcock's best. I really like Dial M for Murder, but this is an easy win for Vertigo; it's just too good.

As much as I love Jimmy, I'll have to choose "Dial".

Loved both, but I give the slight edge to Dial M for Murder.

Vertigo is clearly superior after a re-watch though I do love Dial M a ton!

Vertigo is the clear winner for me.

Dial M is really the quintessential Hitchcock movie. It really epitomizes the very essence of his work. Suspense all the way. See, Hitchcock was the master of suspense where you knew who did it--or was trying to do it--but still you were intrigued to see how it would all turn out. This is what Hitchcock pioneered. Vertigo though is pat mystery and part suspense. The first half is a "who done it" while the second half is a "will he/she get away with it". Although Dial M is more Hitchcock, Vertigo transcends the Hitchcock norm. Hitchcock most certainly outdid himself with Vertigo. None of his other movies come close. Psycho is the only worthy opponent, and it falls short as well. I love Dial M, but Vertigo for the easy win.

my pick is Vertigo the story compels me more love the weird bizarre movie more than straight up crime sagas.

Dial M for Murder for faster pacing and more intriguing writing and plot. Ray Milland as Tony Wendice makes this film with his ability to modify his scheme on the fly.

I'll go with Dial M...just never loved Vertigo.

Vertigo, but two phenomenal Hitchcock movies.

Dial M for Murder was a pretty good classic, but it's the first Hitchcock movie that don't enter on my top 20.

Nonosense stated it perfectly. Both are in my top 40 but Vertigo is in my top 2. I love, love, love, LOVE Vertigo!

Dial M crushes Vertigo. Not even close.

Dial M for Murder>Vertigo

I know Vertigo is more prestigious, but I like Dial M much more.


Vertigo was Hitchcock's masterpiece.