Dial M for Murder vs. Strangers on a Train



In terms of plot, Strangers on a Train just has a whole lot more going on. Although not a bad movie at all, Dial M for Murder devotes much of its running time to talking and explaining, which requires a lot of patience from the viewer. I'll take the more eventful Strangers on a Train.

I guess I'll take the less eventful Dial M for Murder. Ha Ha.

This is just a wonderful matchup. Two underrated gems from Hitchcock. I consider them to be nearly even in terms of quality. As Caesar alluded, Dial M is indeed very dialogue driven. That's what I love about it. It's not a movie you can truly appreciate and enjoy while multi-tasking and doing other things simultaneously. But if you set aside 2 hours of your day for this movie, it's a great investment of your time. The plot and dialogue works like a charm. I love Strangers as well. Speaking of dialogue driven movies, Strangers is no silent film either. Lots of lengthy and important conversation exchanges there as well. Both are in the 5-10 range of my favorite from Hitchcock. I honestly think Dial M could creep up into my top 5 favorite from Hitchcock if I watch it again. Dial M for me, but oh so close! I love Flickchart!!

For reasons that are beyond me, I've soured on Strangers on a Train a little bit. It's funny how that can sometimes happen. Anyway, I'm going to go along with my boys JC13 and Nononsense and throw my support to Dial M for Murder in this matchup.

I love antagonists who excel at thinking on the fly so Dial me up an M

Strangers on a Train

Strangers on a Train hits different

Dial M for Murder by a significant margin. Strangers is as good or better through the first half of the film, but loses it way the last 40 minutes or so. Dial M gets better as it goes, Strangers gets worse.