Blade Runner 2049 vs. Blade Runner



Hah, had to happen. Well, for now I'm gonna rank the original higher. Time will tell if that's going to change.

Watched 2049 yesterday. Both are masterpieces and I never, never thought that this would happen, but I have to choose 2049. Without a doubt one of the best sequels ever made. Denis Villeneuve, you've blown me away with this movie experience.


2049 would have actually been a better movie without Deckard.

The original is drivel sorry to burst any bubbles. The follow up is more of the same.

My bubble has so been bursted. Just kidding, I'm good.

Both slow-burns, but Blade Runner gets the edge for having more stuff to look at in the background

Blade Runner is fine, but it relies too much on social commentary and the story and characters are quite weak. I also thought the pacing was uneven. Blade Runner 2049 improves of the first in every way! It has some social commentary but the story is unpredictable and exciting and I really got into the characters! Both are visually stunning but the sequel felt like Villeneuve put a lot of time and effort into every shot. The lighting and the camerawork are so beautiful!

The Original for me. Maybe over time I'd feel differently, the 2049 is still fresh.

2049 is still fresh, but it does more than enough to stand on its own merits, without diluting the original in any way. I still prefer the 1982 film.

2049 is what happens when you slow down and stretch out a 100min movie into a 160min yawn-athon. Shame really, some real cerebral shit and beautiful photography in the sequel.

Blade Runner is a decent movie, but I just don't see it as the masterpiece that so many others do. On the other hand, I found myself way more invested in 2049, just within the first few minutes.

The original, although with original I mean the final cut (2007). 2049 was good, really liked it, but it didn't really develop any new ideas or themes and I think the original has a more authentic visuals and look. However I definitely applaud Villeneuve, he was the best man for the job and 2049 is a very good film.

2049 blew me away from first viewing, while the original took 2 or 3 viewings for me to finally realize its a masterpiece. So Blade Runner 2049 is definitely the better film.

I do not LOVE Blade Runner. I, however, appreciate the living hell out of it. 2049 slightly gets the edge.

I think 2049 delves into ideas and themes that the first movie only hinted at. That's not a knock on the first one. We've just had more time to get into the world building since this is a sequel. That said, I still think 2049 is a far superior film. Every character is unique and thoroughly invested in where the first one really relied only on a couple central characters. I had no issue with the running time. Every single scene had me invested so I would have been fine with the movie lasting another hour.

Both films appear similar, but have very different objectives. The first film is a mood piece, fragmentary and impressionistic. It's tantalizing because it's so vague, and puts philosophy ahead of plot. The second film is almost exclusively plot driven, and the philosophical concerns it touches on are secondary to the plot. That plot takes way too long to unfold, and in the end doesn't add up to much. But if you didn't enjoy the quirky stew of the the original Blade Runner, then you'll probably like 2049 just because it has a plot that's clear and makes sense.

Blade Runner 2049 is great, but it's really just another sci-fi film. The original Blade Runner on the other hand, is a landmark achievement in cinema.

both great and beautiful, but i prefer the gentle atmosphere through (most of) the original to 2049's more driven narrative

I prefer the noir overtones and moral complexity of the original.

I'll take the original. 2049 has a great look, feel, and sound, but the film is way too slow and entirely too long.

Gotta go with the 2049. Really enjoyed it....

After watching 2049, its visually one of the greatest movies of all time. Didn't have the right plot and the movie starts very slow. Its close, but 2049 has all the elements to be considered a landmark in directing and editing.

Both not worth talking about. Blade Runner>Blade Runner 2049

To be fair to Blade Runner 2049, it was surprisingly well done for a film which had absolutely no reason to exist; Blade Runner never needed a sequel, and that's made abundantly clear in 2049's story, which was probably the weakest aspect of the film IMO i.e. taking a perfectly small-scale, noir action/drama plot and blowing it up into something big, grandiose and earth-shatteringly important, which doesn't really suit Blade Runner. However, Blade Runner 2049 is a splendid piece of technical filmmaking and a worthy successor to the original in almost all other aspects apart from story. While technological progress ("inflation", if you like) means that the original will always hold more weight for me in terms of the impact of production design, practical effects, cinematography etc, 2049 was easily the most beautiful looking film of 2017, and a deserving Academy Award winner for visual effects and cinematography (it's about damn time Roger Deakins won, now if only Thomas Newman could win original score then all will be right with the world!). But while I hold 2049 in high regard, the story is way too flawed and redundant for the film to be considered on par with the original. Original wins.

Blade Runner 2049 is one of the best sci-fi movies of this decade...but the original is still better.


The sequel is magnificent. 2049 is a science fiction classic.

I would go as far to say both of these are within the top 5 best science fiction films ever made. I found Rick Deckard's storyline in the original pretty lame in comparison to Roy Batty's and overall the film felt a bit uneven because of this. 2049 was much more polished and I was much more sympathetic towards K as a character.

As far as atmosphere and world-building are concerned, Blade Runner 2049 is easily on par with Blade Runner, and even holds its own as one of the most beautiful-looking films of all time. However, there's one aspect of Blade Runner that can't be matched by 2049 or any other film for that matter: its moments of moral revelation and epiphany.

So I bought 2049 on DVD yesterday and... WOW. What an impressive movie. Virtually everything about it is as good as it can be. Easily the best film of the 21st century (that I've seen). That being said, I don't think it's better than my 2nd favourite film of all time.

The answer is Blade Runner 2049, don’t get me wrong though, Blade Runner is an incredibly unique film which spun the Cyberpunk sub-genre into existence. However, Blade Runner 2049 is just simply something else. A true undeniable masterpiece.

Love both so much. I don't think much separates the two, but I think I prefer the original

Although I think I need to rewatch the original because it requires multiple viewings to fully understand it from what I've heard and to get the full emotional and satisfying impact of 2049. But for right now, 2049 is bigger, badder, and better than the original. 2049 is a technical marvel in every department from the cinematography, lighting, music to the acting, writing, directing, and editing.

Blade Runner is an amazing movie, emotionally resonant and philosophically stuffed to the gills. I do prefer it a bit over 2049 as I have only recently seen 2049, and need to truly make up my mind

2049 is much better but they are both very overrated.