Blade Runner 2049 vs. Barry Lyndon



Probably the two best-looking films ever made.

Maybe the best looking movies but Barry Lyndon isn't as complex or soulful as Blade Runner 2049!


Kubrick's Barry Lyndon

Blade Runner 2049 is a deep film, it is full of scenes with artistic background and the story is complex, but I think you cannot beat any Kubrick films, he is well known for his intelligence and the deepness and complexity of emotions and ambiguity in his films.

Blade runner 2049 is not even the original Blade runner it is a remake.

Barry and Officer K great lower-class characters who seek fulfillment, and are portrayed with minimalist performances. Subtlety, something which Harrison Ford doesn't know. He's a terrible who can't at all portray any internal conflict with regard to his killing of replicants. A shit boring character with a chemistry-lacking romance and a rape scene. The movie would be mediocre without the Roy Batty scenes. 2049 kinda makes the original film redundant, really.