Oz the Great and Powerful vs. Alice in Wonderland



I enjoyed Alice, probably more than most people, but Oz just blows it away.

I didn't like either one very much. Alice In Wonderland has incredible visuals, and some good acting, though Johnny Depp plays it way too safe. Oz the Great and Powerful also has some nice visuals, but it's more like a product than a movie. So much wasted potential in both, but I'm going with Alice In Wonderland.

The both felt more like products to me. I'm giving it to Oz because (a) it's fresh in my memory, (b) I actually liked the visuals better than in Alice [shoot me, Burton fans], (c) the protagonist is more complex, though Franco definitely started grating on me after a while, and (d) I was already more of a fan of the land of Oz than of Wonderland. But yes, huge wasted potential in both of the projects.

Burton's reimagined Wonderland story is far more interesting that Raimi's Oz. Particularly when one knows the story of Wicked and how intelligently that story weaves into the Oz mythos, Oz comes off uninspired. Alice was far more entertaining, with a better cast to perform better acting on a better script.

How did these two movies come to be labeled as visual spectacles? They're both on par with the Star Wars prequels in that respect. Plus, they're of approximately the same overall quality as the first, and worst, of those, The Phantom Menace. Now, that all being said, Alice in Wonderland's cast doesn't embarrass itself quite as much, so I choose it.

Both of these movies were fairly terrible in my opinion. However, Alice I was able to make it through without to much difficulty. I walked out of the theater with Oz. I wonder if anyone making that movie took it seriously besides the making of the opening credits.

Both of these are absolutely fantastic and delightful on a visual level, purport to add to the mythos of beloved childhood storybook worlds, and somehow managed to wrap without ever really growing a heart. However, Alice at least manages to put forth a nice message of empowerment to little girls, while the only morals one can easily draw from Oz are confused at best. Add that to the fact that I personally just adore the Burton-inspired visuals so much that they kind of save the film for me all on their own, and that Wonderland is just much closer to my heart in general, and I find it easy to give this match to Alice.

I enjoyed Alice in Wonderland very much. It is probably my favorite Tim Burton movie. However, Oz the Great and Powerful was perfect from beginning to end.

Oz for essentially being "Army of Darkness"

Alice In Wonderland is kind of lame annoying, Oz by far.

Both live action Disney film remakes are underrated, but Oz the Great and Powerful is not enough credit. So, I'm going to vote for Tim Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp.

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