Captain America: Civil War vs. The Godfather Part II



Greatest sequels of all-time talk? Here we go! Time for film fans to look at me crazy but I don't care. Civil War for its genre is every bit the masterpiece that Godfather Part II is and always will be.

Civil War probably will be very overrated. And it'll be forgotten 1 year from now.

Civil War is the best CBM ever made. So it's natural to move on to compare it to all time sequels.

No wait, what? Are we seriously even discussing this? Civil War is a good film surely, but you cannot mean that it beats one of the greatest films of all time, can you? This is no contest.

More balanced greatness? Civil War. Yet, Godfather still has the better cast.

Just thank God we get to see modern films as good as films from the golden era.

Godfather, NO question

Godfather 2, there's only one CBM that can match it, and Civil War ain't it.

Ofcourse, in true SquareMaster fashion, the guy A. travelled all the way to Mexico / Europe / Australia / Asia / somewhere out of the US and Canada to see Civil War, or B. managed to attend the premiere.. A dedicated Marvel Studios fan, truly.

^^ Dude, you really need to get an android box.

^Which I call bullshit on, because A. then you STILL rushed to your Android box the moment it appeared on there, and B. as far as I can tell, there's no cam quality rip out (who would want to see that anyway?)

Joke's on him. Nolan ghost-directed Civil War. It's true.

The first half of Civil War is a little sluggish, but it builds up nicely and does become the kind of Saturday morning superhero-on-superhero porn that I expected to see. Knowing that the core driver was going to become familial/emotional rather than ideological, I wasn't sure the movie would live up to the comics, but it's good-un. It's, of course, no G'Father Deuce, but it's a fine time-pass. Would like to see them streamline the universe a bit; characters like Vision and The Falcon are just filler and fluff.

Nothing MCU has made of ever will make will even come close to Part II.

This indeed a match up of titan films. Got to love them both if you love cinema at all.

Civil War

The only superhero film that can even be compared to TGF2 is The Dark Knight. When it released, a lot of critics called it the 'Godfather Part 2' of superhero films. Civil War is garbage compared to the above films, it is all style no substance.

Civil War

Greatest sequels of all-time talk continues... good to see Civil War being talked about among the best of the best.

civil war is one of marvel's better movies, but it still doesn't care anywhere near the godfather, which is an incredible movie even if i don't like it a whole lot

civil war is one of marvel's better movies and that's saying a lot since they are all good in some way. very impressive.

Mostly definitely civil war is the rewatch film of the infinity saga.

This has to be one of the worst jokes of all time.

I haven't seen GF2 so i'll vote for Civil War even if it's lower quality.

Civil War is uniquely the easy choice.

the godfather part 2 is the best sequel ever it easily beats any cbm including the dark knight which is way superior to CW

TDK > Godfather 2 > Civil War I guess.

mysticspoon really has civil war over GF2 LMAO

I have said many times that Godfather Part II is overrated, and I probably have a few Marvel movies over them. Shitfull War, is definitely NOT on the list of those movies.