Captain America: Civil War vs. The Empire Strikes Back



Civil war simply has better filmmaking

The empire strikes back has the better story, characters and twists.

Civil War could be the best CBM ever made. Right now, I like it better than even Empire.

MCU over every Star Wars franchise.

Empire is the better film. CACW was good though

Every Star Wars movie is overrated garbage crap shit, Civil War is far the best movie in the century.

Umm...Star Wars is an original idea for a movie that was so successful they turned it into a comic book. Captain America is a comic book character that was successful so somebody decided to borrow him for a movie. Empires special effects were ahead of its time. Winter Soldier was par for the course. Also, magical space samurai are cooler than mutated super humans. There's no question that Empire wins this.

Empire Strikes back

civil war is nowhere near best of the century

I have to rewatch Empire and CW was flat out amazing so voting for that.