Captain America: Civil War vs. Doctor Strange



Two of the best films of 2016. Way to go Marvel!!!


Doctor Strange was a good origin story, weighed down only by too many jokes it didn't need. Seriously, MCU, sometimes you need to be serious. Civil War on the other hand was an excellent continuation of an long lasting epic storyline, which did not suffer from its jokes.

I don't mind MCU's humour, but I do question Cumberbatch's delivery of it. He's just not a funny guy; can't deliver a joke for shit. Supporting cast did their thang, though. Doc Strange is a solid enough movie, but nothing particularly stands out about it. Some interesting reflection/refraction/illusion based visuals, but nothing truly baller. Civil War is kinda baller though, especially on repeat view.

Two of the best films of all of 2016 honestly.

Marvel FTW!

Civil War easily. Doctor Strange was ok, but I feel like it lands somewhere in the middle of the MCU pack to date. The humour felt forced at times, even as someone who largely enjoys Marvel's brand of comedy-infused action, and I never really felt as compelled by the action or the mythology as I had with previous origin films like Ant-Man because I never got an idea of what the stakes really were and the action felt somewhat uninspired, despite the trippy visuals (magic sword play and occasional hadoukening with Inception-meets-acid-trip background visuals). I still maintain that Civil War was slightly overrated, but there's much more to recommend there.

Captain America: Civil War had it on action while Doctor Strange had it on visuals. Gotta go with the most visual film of the year.

I'm not looking for any trouble but I'm not really a fan of the films Marvel Studios puts out with a few exceptions. They all have great casts but overall the movies play it way too safe for my liking. I did enjoy Civil War alright but Doctor Strange was just too much of Inception and Batman Begins.

Doctor Strange was good, but not a home run (that third act was weak). Captain America: Civil War was beyond epic. No contest.

Edge to Civil War...

Both middle-of-the-pack for Marvel. Meaning, they're just decent. Civil War was the first Marvel movie that actually had me rolling my eyes, with non-superpowered characters doing superpowered things. The big fight was entertaining, but man, the nerdiest scene ever put to cinema. (No, that's not necessarily a fault.) Doc Strange had some cool visuals; I really liked the Dark Dimension. And you can't go wrong with Tilda Swinton kicking ass. Still, not much else to it to make it stand out. Civil War wins this, but after all this time, there are still really only four great MCU movies: Iron Man 1, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Cap's first two solo movies.

(The first Avengers comes close.)

The first Avengers film not even in the list of best Marvel films? Okay, there's clearly something wrong there, because if anything, that's the BEST one. There's WAY more than the 4 good MCU films you listed (which are certainly good choices). And I believe Civil War belongs among them, as do many other Marvel movies. Doctor Strange was a decent origin story, but it suffered from an ill-paced first act and a rather stereotypical storyline. I enjoyed its humor and visuals a lot, though, but that's still not enough for it to beat Civil War. Civil War was a fantastic payoff for 2 Phases of MCU progress. While Doctor Strange proved that Marvel can still successfully introduce elements to the MCU, Civil War stands as proof that they can keep this ambitious universe going.

Both were great, but the edge goes Civil War.

I'll say these two are the MCU movies which are the most morally black and white. The villain in Doctor Strange was a lot better than that guy with the convoluted mess of a plan from Civil War I'd also say they have the best MCU action sequences so far, followed by Ant-Man. Civil War has a lot more emotion. Doctor Strange is kind of a douchebag, and isn't as strong a character as Cap or Iron Man quite yet. The stakes didn't really feel real in either film. It definitely felt like they were pulling those punches in Civil War. Aside from the action sequences in Civil War, the film was kind of ugly though. I think Doctor Strange probably has the best visuals in ANY film to date, so far.

Not a super hero guy admittidly, and had no idea who Dr. Strange even was going into the film. But came out saying outside of the Dark Knight triology, this was the best crafted film. In a stand alone one vs one, Dr. Strange was a much better flick than Civil War was.

I'm not a superhero guy either. Anyway, Civil War takes this one easily! It's the first Marvel film since "The Incredible Hulk" (yes, I will always defend that film) to focus on character development, take risks and have political themes. Is it flawed? Yes, but the story was so strong and the action was incredibly well shot and edited (it didn't rely on flashy and over the top visuals, either, like most films in the MCU). Doctor Strange is one of the worst Marvel films ever, not just in the Cinematic Universe. The characters are bland, the villain has no menace or even a character, their powers and limits is confusing and had to take seriously. Every scene is an exposition scene making it hard to be particularly interesting or special and there's no depth in the action but it tries to tricks you that it does by using bright colours and trippy effects. It's also incredibly soulless and forgettable. Have you heard anyone mention it, recently? Well, I haven't but Civil War generally comes up in most Marvel conversations I have!

Avengers 2.5 wins

Civil War

Doctor Strange was pretty good but Civil War knocks it out of the park. Civil War wins.

Civil War is better slightly but i still liked Doctor Strange it reminded me of Batman Begins

doctor strange is good, civil war is better, batman begins is overrated

civil war over the doctor strange which is still good

Poor Doc Strange. He never had a chance in this match up.

Civil War crushes. Everything about it is 100 times better then Strange.

Doctor strange isn't completely awful

what makes you think CW is completely awful

Civil War is the 2nd best MCU film. This ain't close.