Captain America: Civil War vs. Captain America: The Winter Soldier



Well, true greatness for sure. One story peels in to the other and what results is 2/3 of the greatest trilogy of all-time.

Cap 3 is even better than Cap 2.

Winter Soldier > Civil War. I love Civil War but Winter Soldier was much tighter and had a stronger finale (Civil War's third act was not that great and the Airport Scene was really great but its in the middle of the film)

Both pretty good, but massively overpraised if you ask me. I'll take Civil War.

Honestly I have to go with Civil war. It is marvel's best movie yet. I actually think it is the best super hero movie ever.

Both are so great that it's hard to pick a winner, but I give the edge to Winter Soldier for the time being just because it's been out for longer so there's been more time to process it properly.

And for the record Cap 1 is tragically underrated.

"The First Avenger" is great, "The Winter Soldier" is even better, and with "Civil War", Captain America has pulled off the EXTREMELY rare task of being a trilogy where each installment is better than the last.

I guess I'm in the minority here. Winter Soldier is still my favorite MCU movie. For me, it had the perfect balance between action, drama, and comedy, and the small ensemble cast allowed for a lot of great character development. In contrast, I think what a lot of critics meant when they said Civil War is the best movie Marvel movie is that it is the most serious; it's the only movie in the franchise that I think could have benefited from MORE comedy. And, as in Age of Ultron (but to a lesser extent), the sheer number of characters meant that we don't get to spend as much time with ANYONE as we'd like.

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly > For a Few Dollars More > A Fistful of Dollars. And I'm still taking The Winter Soldier over Civil War any day. It was obviously a child's movie, with a messy story.

Hot damn are these great films to a pretty damn cool origin. Just a superb trilogy.

Winter Soldier was more tightly packed narrative, and while I liked Civil War it's mostly just the action, but it is a lot more messy than TWS.

So yeah Winter Soldier for me.

Civil War

The Captain America series gets progressively better.

The Winter Soldier. Tough one

Winter Soldier

Civil War is good, but Winter Soldier is the MCU's Dark Knight.

Two of the greatest action movies ever made in all seriousness.

Civil War for me. Best comic book movie so far.

Clearly Winter Soldier, is there really any debate here?

Best Comic Book Movies of all-time: (1) The Avengers - (2) Captain America: The Winter Soldier - (3) Captain America: Civil War

Both are very entertaining. I'd have to go with Winter Soldier for the overall plot just being a whole lot more polished. Civil War felt like they were trying to fit the story to fit the action scenes, whereas Winter Soldier felt like they primarily focused on the story and then put in the action scenes where they'd fit nicely.

Civil War hands down

Two of the greatest films ever made. What better day than Memorial Day to acknowledge that? God Bless America!

Both great movies, I'm going with Winter Soldier on this one.

Civil War had some every bit interesting characters and fine story for me, Winter Soilder was good but Civil is more convenient.

Winter Soldier. Can you really compare the causeway fight scene (and soundtrack) to an airport scrap??

Not to mention the stronger narrative and tone of Winter Soldier

Civil War is far better.

These movies are the definition of greatness.

Winter Soldier

I personally prefer civil war because of it's great characters and classic story.

Two of the best films in the MCU

Winter Soldier

Winter Solfier is far better.

Am I the only one that thought Civil War was slightly boring? It’s my type of movie but Winter Solider kept me on the edge of my seat while Civil War had me waiting for more in parts of the film. And I don’t mean waiting for action.

TWS. Civil War is pretty flawed


Winter Soldier is #2 for me. Civil War is not #1.

civil war is far better, great plotlines and characters while winter soldier is an overrated and dragging movie

What's great about the Captain America trilogy is that it started out great, got amazing, then ended with the best of the best. Each of the trilogy is so good, it got better each movie.

Civil War isn’t awful by any means, but Winter Soldier is the best out of the trilogy

Civil War IS awful. These two are like yin and yang