Captain America: Civil War vs. The Matrix



Civil War has surpassed even the legendary action films. Captain America is just so damn good. Matrix was amazing in its day but what followed really tainted everything.

Really couldn’t get into The Matrix. Civil War wins hands down!

Civil War tops the matrix in every level..

What in the actual fuck...?

Civil War all day every day.

What is happening?

Civil War is generation masterpiece.

The Matrix is a piece of art. CA is another Marvel product..

Civil War outclasses just about everything it's compared to. The peek of Marvel exceptionalism. Is Marvel's best days behind them???

Matrix but i enjoyed Civil War aswell.

Civil War is superior here.

Switching to Civil War.

Captain America Civil War is superior for sure.

The Matrix is the real winner

It is far better than Civil War

The Matrix beats all MCU movies