Gerald's Game vs. Hannibal



on 5/1/2019

Tough one this, neither are awful nor amazing as horror movies go, both were utterly disgusting and bat-shit insane at times. I would argue that it comes down to the ending, as both were let down in this department to a degree, but for different reasons; Hannibal went for one last gross-out moment with the brain eating scene before fizzling out completely, though in fairness this was largely because the book ending was virtually unfilmable in its shark-jumping ridiculousness. I've not read Gerald's Game the book, and the ending of the film does feel conveniently expository and far too neat and tidy for such a deprived, grotesque build-up, but as a conclusion it does feel more satisfying to give Carla Gugino a chance to face the men who tormented and abused her throughout her life, both physically and psychologically. On that basis, i'm going to give the edge to Gerald's Game here.