Daredevil vs. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice



Affleck Daredevil is 44% on RT and Affleck Batman is 35% on RT. Had to look it up since BvS is such a bad film. Critics actually hate his Batman more than his DD. Who would have thought it?

Right now, BvS is down to 30% and still falling. Reading critics bash it is more fun that the movie itself. A lot more fun.


Daredevil is a bad movie, but it is a watchable bad movie, imo. BvS... is tiresome.

Indeed. BvS is tiresome and ridiculous. Maybe Affleck will wait ten years and reboot The Tick? What else can he ruin?

If there was anything Great about Batman v Superman, it was Affleck's Batman. I'll paraphrase what a critic said: If you squint, you can make out a really good comic book movie. I see what Snyder's going for, I see what he's trying to correct, but the movie's got either too much or too little of everything. It's a frustrating movie, but it was an interesting experience. I enjoyed it for what it was, not what I'd want it to be, ideally. Daredevil just doesn't really work, any way you look at it. And I don't think Affleck was ever right for Murdock.

It's a shame how bad BvS is.